Lord of the Grimm - London 28th June

A Night of Macabre, Medieval, Fantasy and Fairy-Tale themed entertainments. Which includes the Medieval Rockstars Serpentyne, Black-Country Steampunk from Birthrite and Gothic Rockers Vampyre Heart. Also some quirky macabre Cabaret from Nigel Osner.

Lord of the Grimm

Djs Prince Simon of Landmine, McMahon the Blutbad, Grimorg & Dandy D...emondaz with be filling the gaps and after the bands playing an eclectic and selective mix of Darkwave, Ethereal, Mitelalter, Goth, Post-Punk and EBM for your dancing pleasure until 2 am.

Optional Dress Code: All Sartorial Steampunk, Villainous Vampiric, Fantasy, Fairy-Tale and Fetish Attire encouraged!

Tickets Now on-sale! £9 (+50p fee) via the Paypal Link or £10 on-the-door, on-the night, and strictly subject to availability!
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Announcing Unhallowed Metropolis Revised!

February 2nd, 2011 – Seattle, Washington

Jason Soles, Nicole Vega, and all of New Dark Age are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Revised Edition of Unhallowed Metropolis, the gasmask-chic role-playing game of neo-Victorian horror. In association with Atomic Overmind Press, New Dark Age has revisited, revised, and renewed Unhallowed Metropolis.

Featuring new art, new rules, new Callings and a more detailed look at the horrifying age of the neo-Victorians, Unhallowed Metropolis revised is New Dark Age’s perfected nightmare. Creators Jason Soles and Nicole Vega have been feverishly at labor refining their work, culminating in an edition that fully realizes their macabre vision.

“The world of Unhallowed Metropolis is a fascinating one,” said Hal Mangold, Atomic Overmind’s El Hefe. “I’m proud that Atomic Overmind Press is partnering with a creative powerhouse like New Dark Age and bringing a new edition of such a cool game to life.”

The Revised Edition of Unhallowed Metropolis with be released this Summer and be widely available through major game distributors as well as in pay-to-download PDFs. The Revised Edition of Unhallowed Necropolis, the supernormal sourcebook for Unhallowed Metropolis, will follow soon after as will brand new sourcebooks, scenarios, and ongoing web resources at www.atomicovermind.com.

Unhallowed Metropolis was first released in 2007 and has been out of print since selling through its initial print run.

Join the staff of New Dark Age at TempleCon, February 4th, 2011 for a panel discussion of the future of Unhallowed Metropolis, Revised.

To stay informed about Unhallowed Metropolis please join us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Unhallowed-Metropolis/203491454933) and Twitter @UnhallowedMet

Unhallowed Metropolis and Unhallowed Necropolis are © 2007 – 2011 Jason Soles and Nicole Vega. New Dark Age, Unhallowed Metropolis, and Unhallowed Necropolis and their logos are trademarks of Jason Soles and Nicole Vega.

Also see the following for more details:

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Unhallowed Metropolis at TempleCon

Greetings from the New Dark Age,

We hope that all of our friends will be able to attend TempleCon this year. On 4 February, 2011, we will be hosting a panel on the future of Unhallowed Metropolis in Convention Suite #2, room #632.

Join Jason Soles, Nicole Vega, and Simon J. Berman as they discuss the past, present, and exciting future of Unhallowed Metropolis.

Those present at the panel will receive invitations to an exclusive antique cocktail party scheduled for that evening hosted by and celebrating Unhallowed Metropolis. Wear your neo-Victorian finest for an evening of debauchery, sin, and corruption.

Visit Unhallowed Metropolis at:
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Unhallowed Metropolis LARP and Party

At TempleCon in Warwick, RI back in February, Unhallowed Metropolis put on it's first LARP with house rules. There was a party and Lord and Lady Hume had invited a wide selection of society from the high to the low to attend. Suspicions were high that they had ulterior motives but no one was sure what they were. After the LARP ended with Lord Hume strangling his Lady, everybody went to the con suite for a party.

So here are some of the photos from TempleCon and the Unhallowed Metropolis LARP and party.

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Hi, my name is Aubrey Nolan and I just started posting a new webcomic called Gearland. You can check it out on my livejournal, or at www.gearlandcomic.blogspot.com. The first comic is up right now-it centers on an alternate history of the United States after the Civil War, through the eyes of two sisters. Just click on my username to go to it. It helps to read the Preface first for background information. The next one should be up by tomorrow (Tuesday). After this week, I'll be on a regular schedule of posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

more wings!

Unhallowed Metropolis at Dundracon

There will be an Unhallowed Metropolis LARP held at Dundracon in San Ramon, California this weekend.

The LARP will take place on Sunday, the evening time slot.

Cunningham Industries, the leader in trans-Metropolis transportation, is pleased to announce the inauguration of its first High Speed Express Rail, location to location in three days or less, non-stop! Why take an antiquated Zeppelin when you can move with fashion and speed on the very latest Telsa-powered technology? Take on the wastelands in style--our luxurious cars are fully armor plated. Just step on, and step off at your destination. Safety 100% guaranteed (guarantee voided by zombies, hijacking, or mechanical failure.)

A game of political intrigue, murder, and zombies in the world of Unhallowed Metropolis.
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Unhallowed USB Drive

In our preparations for TempleCon, we created a most ingenious device. Please allow me to introduce you to the Unhallowed USB. This cunning mechanism holds not only the core books and supplements, but useful tools like the Calling Character sheets, the Unhallowed Metropolis Companion (includes the Deathwatch Calling), the UnMet Combat Summary, Combat Record Sheets and wonderful extras like the Undertaker's Office of Urban Defense License! You get a 2 GB flash drive filled with Unhallowed Metropolis material (some of it unreleased) all in one handsome easily-accessible digital package.

In fact it includes the following for the modest price of $40:

Unhallowed Metropolis
Unhallowed Necropolis
Up the River
Blood Legacy

Unhallowed Companion
(Death or Glory: The Deathwatch)
(Rogues' Gallery)

Character Creation Summary
Combat Summary
Calling Templates

Undertaker’s License

These drives are only available direct from Hallows Eve Press and can be ordered here

Product Update!

Check out the website, one and all - for new products are available for your Unhallowed pleasure.
We have the Unhallowed Metropolis USB Drive, preloaded with all the PDFs, some not yet released; Up The River is now in softcover format, for people who like something physical to work with; and last but not least, we have Unhallowed Necropolis back in stock. Check out [url]www.hallowsevedesigns.com[/url] for more details!
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Unhallowed Metropolis at Templecon

The staff of Unhallowed Metropolis, the gas mask chic roleplaying game of Neo-Victorian horror are gathering February 5th-7th in Warwick, Rhode Island for Templecon. Join creators Nicole Vega and Jason Soles, cover artist George Higham, writer Simon Berman, Unhallowed photographer Marc17, and illustrator Robert Tritthardt for panels, demos, a book signing, and the premiere of the Unhallowed Metropolis Theater Game. In addition to participating in loads of events, we will be hocking our collective wares in the dealer hall (along with Anita Arora of Morbid Anatomy).