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Unhallowed · Metropolis

Unhallowed Metropolis at Dundracon

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There will be an Unhallowed Metropolis LARP held at Dundracon in San Ramon, California this weekend.

The LARP will take place on Sunday, the evening time slot.

Cunningham Industries, the leader in trans-Metropolis transportation, is pleased to announce the inauguration of its first High Speed Express Rail, location to location in three days or less, non-stop! Why take an antiquated Zeppelin when you can move with fashion and speed on the very latest Telsa-powered technology? Take on the wastelands in style--our luxurious cars are fully armor plated. Just step on, and step off at your destination. Safety 100% guaranteed (guarantee voided by zombies, hijacking, or mechanical failure.)

A game of political intrigue, murder, and zombies in the world of Unhallowed Metropolis.

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