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Unhallowed USB Drive

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In our preparations for TempleCon, we created a most ingenious device. Please allow me to introduce you to the Unhallowed USB. This cunning mechanism holds not only the core books and supplements, but useful tools like the Calling Character sheets, the Unhallowed Metropolis Companion (includes the Deathwatch Calling), the UnMet Combat Summary, Combat Record Sheets and wonderful extras like the Undertaker's Office of Urban Defense License! You get a 2 GB flash drive filled with Unhallowed Metropolis material (some of it unreleased) all in one handsome easily-accessible digital package.

In fact it includes the following for the modest price of $40:

Unhallowed Metropolis
Unhallowed Necropolis
Up the River
Blood Legacy

Unhallowed Companion
(Death or Glory: The Deathwatch)
(Rogues' Gallery)

Character Creation Summary
Combat Summary
Calling Templates

Undertaker’s License

These drives are only available direct from Hallows Eve Press and can be ordered here
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On February 13th, 2010 12:31 am (UTC), iamthemog commented:
Very cool. Have to see if I can scrape up enough monies to grab that.
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